Saturday, November 8, 2008

Assembling parts from Different Models

Basavaraj asks..
i have imported two inp files in abaqus now i want to assemble
how to do assemble two different inp files in abaqus GUI?

Answer :
What do you mean by assembling? Do you want to assemble the parts from the input files together?
In CAE ( Version 6.8), after you have imported the inp files, you will get 2 models. Then goto
Model->Copy Objects...
There you can copy different objects ( in your case, the orphan mesh parts, sections, materials etc..) in a single model. Then you can assemble the parts together.


Martin said...

Following your answer, I wonder if it is possible to assembly (or join) to simulations with their mesh and field variables.
In other words:
I run case A and B separately.
Then I create case C that contains the field output of case A and B, and run a new simulation (whose initial conditions are those obtained in A and B).
Is it possible to do this in Abaqus?

Thank you very much for your help.


essay writer free said...

So was your assembling successful? What did it give you?

Sachin said...

Thank you Abaqus Guru.