Saturday, November 1, 2008

Combine Restart Odb Files

Anonymous asks..
I am running an analysis splitted into 10 restart analyses (ABAQUS/Standard). Now the problem is I am not creating .fil file for the analysis. Is it possible to combine all the odb files into 1 single ouputfile??? is it possible thru command line or do I need to go to python scripting???

Answer :
Starting from Abaqus 6.6 a execution procedure called restartjoin can be used to join different odb files from restart analysis. The syntax is

abaqus restartjoin

Prior to Abaqus 6.6, this execution procedure was not available. But almost the same functionality can be availed by using example programs odbjoin.c and I use here almost the same functionality because it seems that merging of history output is not the same between the execution procedure and the example programs.

To use C program, follow these steps. ( For python program also the steps are similar, only that you dont need to compile the program and should make use of abaqus python command)

Fetch the program
abq651 fetch job=odbJoin.C

Compile the program
abq651 make job=odbJoin.C

Use the compiled binary
abq651 odbJoin -writeOdb destination.odb -readOdbs restart.odb

The above command will join the restart.odb to Destination.odb


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