Sunday, October 19, 2008

About this Blog


In this Blog, I plan to share my experience and the understanding of the Abaqus Software. I plan to use the blog as a sort of forum to initiate discussions and thereby to expand the horizons of knowledge about Abaqus software in particular and Science in general.

The postings that I make are by no means the only allowed topics. Please feel free to comment on my posts and suggest new topics or ask questions on this blog.

Lets together expand the horizon of our knowledge.

Abaqus Guru


vijay kumar said...

I am recent visitor to your blog.
I am reading all the articles.
Can you add rss feed to your blog so that anyone adds to that when you post new article it sents a message to the respective mail.its very useful for those who wants info....
and also One thing I want is.....
Can you explain eloborately the difference between merge and tie option and its usage?

Raauol said...

Hi sir,
I am Rahul. I recently heard about you and your blog spot. Hats off, to you benevolent scheme of helping ppl.
sir I to need your help.
Sir can you explain me how to predict "crirical buckling loads" for hollow cylindrical shaft under torsion.