Friday, October 31, 2008

Tie Constraint over many surfaces

Bharath asks...
Im doing a quater model aluminium specimen which has counter sunk hole . SO
i basically divided it into 4 parts like 1 with counter sunk and den the st
shank and 2 more additional peices attached to it. what i hve done is used
tie constraint for all to make node equivalnce ..but der is problem with tie
constraint it gves me warning says nodes on the lave surface have more than
one tie constraint so it is automatically removing one tie constraint ...

is der any other way for me to do this node equivalnce with using tie
constraint or and i cannot use partition because of geometry too ...
and lastly im not getting the mpc constraint in abaqus 6.7.3 which i used
to get in the 6.6.3.

Answer :
Try modelling such that there is one master surface which ties to several other slave surfaces. Or if a slave surface of constraint-1 comes into constraint-2 with another surface, then define the slave surface from constraint-1 as master surface in constraint-2. Basically avoid modelling a slave surface being driven by more than one Master Surface.

MPCs can be accesed in 6.7-3 using the keyword *MPC. This is not supported in CAE.


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a quater model aluminium specimen

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