Friday, October 31, 2008

ipc Connection Error

Arun asks..

hi pls help doing 3d modelling and started a case 4 days it shows job s running...but i cant monitor that...if i give the monitor,abaqus ifself automatically closing..y i did nt know... GUI detected for error while waiting for the ipc connection to close....abaqus error:abaqus\CAE kernal excited with an error...

Answer :
I have a feeling that this has nothing to do with the solver itself. I guess there would not be any error messages in the .sta file. But if you find error messages there, please let me know.

Did you change any of your system configuration recently. Anything to do with the graphic card? If so probably it has something to do with Hardware Accleration

Try setting
in your abaqus_v6.env file and rerun the simulation.


Anonymous said...

I have this same error in a different context. Everthing works just fine, except when I call a very particular Python command:
Abaqus crashes and the GUI error appears. If I leave out the nodeSets[name] object, no error occurs. I have tried the no_hardware_acceleration and variants without succes. Could it be that this is bug in Abaqus? I have tested this on 2 different machines with the same result.

Anonymous said...

the fully readable but fatal Python command:


Hamilton's Principles said...

I have this same error, but mine occus after writing an XY report and then deleting the nodes...any thoughts...

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