Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Guru Form and my messup with Comments

Yesterday I thought of streamlining the blog a bit. As the first step, I have created a sort of form, through which the questions could be asked. The form is reachable at Clicking the "Ask Guru" button will lead you to the same page. Please use this form to submit your questions.

While this new functionality was being added, I have messed up a little bit with the comments functionality in the blog and therefore yesterday writing comments was not possible . I havbe figured that out only lately and have now fixed it. I apologise if anyone had tried writing a comment and couldnot then do it. I am quite new to blogging and I am learning all this publishing and HTML stuff only now. So please bear up with me when something is not working. If something is not working or if you have some suggestions, please let me know through comments, or you can also scrap in my orkut account.

One such sugestion was from Vijay Kumar to add RSS feed. Thank you Vijay for the suggestion and you can now find that RSS subscription facility is now added. More suggestions are welcome.

And some final words about the present organisation.
FOR QUESTIONS : Use AskGuru Form

Abaqus Guru


vijay kumar said...

Thank you very much for adding RSS feed.I have seen in another blog there "sign up for site updates" facility is available.There I have given my email id.When new article was posted in that blog I will get the information about that.Like that can you add that facility to this blog also.That is very useful for the most........