Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Running an Abaqus Job

The Abaqus CAE is a great tool that is improving continously. But most of the time, it hides from the user, what it exactly does and the breed that grow up using only CAE almost doesnot understand that the CAE is just a front end for the various options that can be accesed also by issuing commands.

Although volumes can be written about mimicing the CAE operations using command line or INP file, in this post I will just concenterate on the Job Submission, which is one of the simplest thing to explain. Given the fact that I am brand new to blogging, that is my obvious choice!!

Before we begin, some preliminaries. In this post, I use abaqus as the command to invoke the solver. In general that should invoke the most current version of the solver installed in your machine. If you want to invoke a particular version of the solver, for whatever reasons, then use the approriate command.

e.g. to invoke abaqus release 6.6-3 use the following

To start a job with default parameters :

abaqus job=input-file-name

This will set parameters by reading the abaqus environment file ( e.g. abaqus_v6.env) and then runs the job.

To do a datacheck of the model :

abaqus job=input-file-name datacheck =yes

To start the job with 2 cpus :

abaqus job=input-file-name cpus=2

To start the job with particular standard memory :

abaqus job=input-file-name standard_memory = '4000mb'

Note that starting from abaqus release 6.8-1 the default memory setting is 90% of the physical memory and the standard_memory parameter is no longer valid.


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